To OG's 25,000 users, Thank You!

We started OG to fix social media.

We have seen the power of the social internet since the day we were born. It is how the first billion users came online, including us. It is how millions of small businesses find their customers. It is how revolutions can be started, fought, and won. The social internet is the greatest democratizing force in the history of the world.

Our fundamental belief revolves around giving power back to the user. We believe in users' right to choose what they consume, when they consume it, and how they do so. We believe that users should have ownership of their data and the social capital they accumulate online. Our goal with OG was to give users a glimpse of this within the current paradigm.

However, following recent events - OG will be unable to continue serving users through our mobile app.

Our belief in an open and interoperable social internet remains strong, and we're still exploring our options in getting there. We owe gratitude to the first 25,000 users that installed OG - and we'd like to thank you for your love, suggestions, and criticism. It means a lot to our team to have built something that made your social experience better.

We hope to have more news and  clarity soon about the next steps we're taking in the coming weeks. Please follow @theOGApp_ on Twitter for updates.

-- Ansh & Hardik (Founders of OG)